Board Diversity Policy

As ADM Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş., we aim to provide equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusiveness at all levels, in line with our "sustainable", "innovative" and "people-oriented" vision, in accordance with the United Nations Women's Empowerment Principles, Ethical Values and Equal Life initiative.

By supporting the participation of women in the workforce in business life, we aim to secure the principles of equal opportunities between men and women in all our human resources policies and procedures with our Human Rights Policy, and to increase employment of women.

In particular, we aim to improve the social gender inequality in the senior management decision mechanisms of our company, and we believe that providing diversity in terms of knowledge, experience and point of view before our Board of Directors shall contribute positively to the activities of the Company and to the effective functioning of the board of directors. In this context, we aim to make it easier to give priority to women in the quota of independent board members and to strengthen the position of women in decision-making mechanisms.

Concerning the representation of women members in ADM Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş. Board of Directors, the policy that is aimed to be implemented in a sustainable manner is presented below:

· Proposed female member candidates; It is forwarded to the Board of Directors by the Corporate Governance Committee, which assumes the duties of the Nomination Committee. The Board of Directors evaluates the suitability of the female member to the Board of Directors structure in line with the opinion of the shareholders.

· During the nomination process of the Board of Directors, priority shall be given to the female candidates among the candidates who have the same qualifications in terms of knowledge, experience and competence.

· In the process of nominating candidates for the Board of Directors, it shall be aimed to ensure the diversity of people in terms of language, religion, race, sect, belief, gender, nationality, health status, marital status, age and etc. in candidates who have the sufficient knowledge, experience and competence required by the task and who have the qualifications to protect the interests of all the stakeholders in accordance with the company culture, size and activity.

· The Board of Directors shall create an environment in which the opinions of the executives are listened to, their opinions are cared for, and where prejudice, discrimination and all kinds of negative factors are not tolerated.

· For the Board of Directors to have an adequate and balanced structure; the renewal and election processes shall always encourage the diversity of members according to the needs of the Company.

· The Corporate Governance Committee, which undertakes the duties of the Nomination Committee, shall be responsible for the execution of the process in accordance with the legislation.

· The main target is to have a female member ratio of 25% and above in the next 5 years in the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall annually evaluate the progress achieved in reaching this target.

· All our stakeholders shall be encouraged to implement this policy.