Environmental Management Procedure


This procedure aims to explain the details and responsibilities of the practices carried out within the scope of environmental management.


This procedure covers the practices carried out within the framework of our environmental policy to achieve environmental goals and increase environmental performance within the scope of our company’s activity.


Environment: It is the physical, biological, social, economic, and cultural environment in which we maintain our relations and interact with each other throughout our lives.

Environmental Dimension: These are the positive and negative effects that our company gives to the environment while continuing its activities.

Environmental Impact Assessment: It is the document in which the probability and severity of environmental dimensions are established, the risk analysis is explained, and the precautions and those responsible are determined.

Environmental Policy: It describes our environmental commitments approved by the senior management.

Compliance Obligations: Legislation updates are notified to us via legislation announcement e-mails and evaluations are made through the ELDER Environment Working Group.


Environmental Management Representative is responsible for determining environmental aspects, following environmental regulations, fulfilling compliance obligations, providing trainings to increase environmental awareness and conducting field inspections, and reporting to the senior management regarding environmental management.

OHS and Environment Manager is responsible for monitoring and approving practices within the scope of environmental management, providing support and resources for continuous improvement and effectiveness of practice.

Unit Supervisor is responsible for determining the environmental dimensions and effects, monitoring them according to defined practices, promoting environmental awareness and supporting the continuous improvement of the system.

Employees are responsible for exhibiting necessary behaviors within the framework of company procedures and information given in trainings.


5.1. Scope of Environmental Management System

Our stakeholders in the environmental management; system are employees, neighboring companies, suppliers, contractors and consumers. The needs and expectations of our stakeholders are determined in the integrated management system booklet.

Wastes generated as a result of Electricity Distribution activities in our company, medical wastes and wastes within the scope of the zero waste management system are managed following the conditions in the Waste Management Procedure in our company. Considering the environmental conditions, hazard definitions, controlling and planning the risk according to the results of the risk assessment are included in the Risk Analysis Procedure and the Environmental Aspects Determination and EIA Procedure.

Risk assessments; are performed using the environmental impact assessment form. Environmental emergency plans are published in the QDMS. In case of non-compliance in our environmental enterprises, DIF is opened via QDMS software.

 5.3. Performance Measurement and Monitoring

In our company, an Environmental Analysis Form is prepared, which includes the environmental parameters to be monitored and measured by the Environmental Management Representative. While preparing the table, the scope of all our activities, Integrated Management Policy, legal obligations and identified environmental hazards and data are taken into account. Records are stored as indicated in the table.

In cases where the results are inappropriate; corrective and remedial actions are initiated according to the Corrective Remedial Action Procedure.

The targets determined by taking into consideration the Integrated Management System Policy are monitored and discussed at the environmental management programs and Management Review meetings.

 5.4 Identification and Control of Environmental Risks

Within the scope of the “Environmental Management System”, the “Environmental Dimensions Determination and EIA Procedure” includes hazard definitions, risk assessment, risk management and planning according to the results of the risk assessment, taking into account environmental conditions.

Environmental Risk Assessment is included in the “Environmental Impact Assessment Form” and in the Risk Analysis booklets in the company area.

 5.5 Objectives and Targets

The issues observed during the internal audits and discussed at the Management Review meetings are compared with the previous year and a performance evaluation is made. In order to implement the Environmental Policy, environmental targets are determined.

Targets provide a way to improve environmental performance and monitor progress. The following criteria are taken into account when determining the targets:


 Effects of activities and services on the environment

 Technological, financial, operational and business conditions

 Opinions of related parties

 Environmental performance of our company for the previous year

 Environmental accidents


 At the Management Review meetings, final environmental targets are established at the end of the reviews. Our company’s environmental targets are determined and published in the Environmental Objectives and Targets Form. In order to increase the environmental performance of the company, an Environmental Impact Assessment is carried out with the participation of all units in our field of activity and reviewed at the end of the year.

Unit managers establish measures to monitor the progress of achievement of environmental targets. Each unit manager is responsible for announcing all kinds of functions that may have occurred and may occur in his work area for the objectives to all his personnel.

The achievement of environmental targets is evaluated regularly or, as needed, at management review meetings. This information is used as input for establishing targets for the next year.

 5.6 Communication

The following methods are used as communication channels in our company:

• internal announcements

• Boards

• Photocopy, verbal notifications

• Letter, cargo and fax

• Call Center

• Electronic correspondence

• Internet, Intranet, E-mail.

 Information can be given to the communication boards on the following subjects:

• Environmental Policy

• Objectives

• Environmental programs

• News in the press

• Environmental articles, photographs, etc. published in the press.

• Educational articles, pictures, slogans, etc.

• Announcement of activities related to the environment

 In our organization, shares related to the environment are announced to our stakeholders and followed up by the OHS and Environment Directorate and the Corporate Communications Directorate.

In our organization, environmental documents are prepared according to the Document Preparation Procedure, all the records of the activities are kept and recorded according to the Documented Information Control Procedure.

 5.7 Being Prepared for Emergency Situations

The activities carried out in our company have been determined and managed in the Emergency Procedure, “Environmental Dimensions and Environmental Impact Assessment Procedure” and OHS Risk Analysis Booklets, taking into account legal conditions, monitoring, measurement, environmental policy and determined environmental dimensions.

 5.8 Evaluation of Conformity

Concerning the evaluation of the monitoring and measurement activities we have carried out as a result of environmental activities, the activity of evaluating the conformity is carried out at intervals determined by the Environmental Management Representative.

The Environmental Compliance Control Chart prepared by the Environmental Management Representative is also discussed at the Management Review meetings.

 5.9 Environmental Nonconformities

Nonconformities experienced as a result of environmental activities are recorded and Corrective and Improved Action is initiated if deemed necessary. The activities of ensuring the elimination of environmental non-compliance and preventing its recurrence are carried out by the Environmental Management Representative.


• Waste Management Procedure

• Environmental Dimensions Determination and EIA Procedure

• Corrective and Improvement Actions Procedure

• Environmental Impact Assessment Form

• Environmental Objectives and Targets Form

• Environmental Resource Consumption Form

• Environmental Compliance Control ChartA