Environmental Policy

Placing "Respect Against Human" in the heart of its management approach, ADM Elektrik Dağıtım believes that protection of environment is the indicator of respect against society, rather than a mere legal requirement.

In the light of its mission and its Environmental Policy, ADM Elektrik Dağıtım is committed to

  • controlling, alleviating and preventing the factors causing environmental damage as a principle;
  • engaging in activities contributing to reducing environmental impact and ensuring continuous development;
  • assessing the company's environmental impact and footprint under the applicable environmental legislation, laws and regulations, and meeting the requirements of its ISO 14000 Environmental Management Systems standard;
  • defining its environmental objectives and goals, monitoring the compliance of its activities carried out within the year with these objectives and goals, and revising the current situation at least once a year;
  • ensuring that the Environmental Management System is documented, implemented and sustained adequately and as necessary in order to ensure that the system is perceived correctly;
  • announcing this policy that has been undertaken and is implemented to all employees;
  • and being available for access by public entities and third parties.