Information Security Management

It is indisputable that ADM Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş. (ADM or Company ), which defines information as a critical phenomenon worth protecting, should be properly protected in order to operate in a healthy way and to meet legal requirements. At the forefront of achieving success in today's conditions is ensuring the security of the information held and allowing the right people to access the information at the right time. ADM undertakes that the security of the information it possesses is handled within the framework of a management system thanks to appropriate controls and proactive measures. ADM's information assets are protected against threats. Negativities that may arise from threat elements on information systems (loss, theft, damage and access by unauthorized persons, change of information, malware, cyber attacks, hackers and information spying, unauthorized access, loss, etc.) will cause serious problems in terms of the Company's responsibilities and will significantly disrupt its activities.

ADM is required to ensure the security of personal data and information assets in order to fulfill its responsibilities to the regulatory authority and company partners, primarily customers. All information that can be associated with the Company is "confidential information that must be protected" and the results of the violation are stated in all contracts signed by ADM, including the employment contracts of the employees. Information Security Policy has been established in which the responsibilities of ADM employees are determined in terms of preventing security violations, protecting all company data stored on computer systems from confidentiality and information in printed environment, and ensuring accessibility and integrity. The principles and measures set out in this policy, the relevant procedure and other annexes represent the defined and valid objectives for ADM Electricity Distribution.