OHS and Environment Manager


To determine and manage the strategy, methodology related to the Occupational Safety and  Environment in accordance with the company policy and objectives and to ensure the establishment and development of all corporate procedures; to be responsible for the determination, updating and implementation of the sustainability strategy, vision and policy; to report to the senior management about the process performances and improvement requirements within the scope of the OHS and Environment Departments and to cooperate with external organizations on matters related to the respective department.

To ensure compliance with the requirements of policies related to sustainability and ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues and to identify the areas that can bring about opportunities by reviewing operational results and taking an active part in the Sustainability, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Committee of the Board of Directors.


2.1. Education : Bachelor Degree (relevant departments of the universities)

2.2. Experience : At least 8 years of experience

2.3. Foreign Language : English (Professional Level)

2.4. Driving License : Driving License-Class B

2.5. PC Skills : MS Office skills

2.6. Other : A Class Occupational Safety Specialist Certificate


• Devotion of the corporation,

• Adherence to ethical principles,

• Team work,

• Development-oriented,

• Quality-oriented,

• Being internal and external customer-oriented,

• Being ready for change,

• Continuous improvement,

• Result-oriented,

• Sensitive to resources,

• Holistic thinking,

• Understanding people,

• Being able to use initiative,

• Planning and Time Management,

• Change management,

• Team leadership,

• Influencing,

• Establishing and maintenance relations,

• Decision-making,

• Managing priorities,

• Problem solving,

• Setting up and managing systems,

• Strategic view,

• Crisis Management,


Immediate Supervisor : General Manager

Subordinates : Occupational Safety Manager, Environmental Relations Manager


• To analyze all processes, create flow charts and improve them periodically in coordination with the relevant units,

• To determine and manage the strategy and methodology regarding Occupational Safety and Environment in accordance with company policies and objectives

• To ensure that all corporate procedures related to Occupational Safety and Environment are established and developed,

• To manage OHS and Environment processes and to ensure that records are kept,

• To ensure that the necessary work is carried out in the workplace in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Regulations,

• To make recommendations to identify hazards in the workplace and carry out risk assessment, eliminate hazards and control risks, and report on these issues,

• To prepare emergency plans that define the potential of sudden or imminent hazardous situations and accidents and show how to prevent the risks related to them by taking into account the results of risk assessments on OHS and Environment issues, and to ensure that the necessary drills are carried out.

• To preside over the Occupational Health and Safety Board and to take action in decisions regarding the health and safety of the workplace,

• To make and implement corrective action plans by conducting investigations and research to prevent the recurrence of accidents or occupational diseases in the workplace,

• To develop methods for inspections and research conducted in the workplace, inform the employees about these methods, fill out the relevant forms after each inspection and follow up the results by notifying the employer as necessary, and to ensure that the forms are kept for evaluation and monitoring,

• To make suggestions to the employer about who is to be provided with the training, its scope, by whom the training is provided, its duration and to ensure the continuity of the training in order to create and develop a healthy and safe working environment,

• To prepare, develop, review and approve procedures, plans, instructions and Standard Operating Procedures and to ensure the controlled use of documents,

• To monitor the inputs of the Management Review Meetings and the corrective and preventive actions, and to report to the General Manager, when necessary,

• To be present at the facility during inspections by the Ministries, Regional Directorates, Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization or banks, and to provide the requested information and documents,

• To ensure that the permits related to the environmental regulations are obtained during the project, construction and operation periods of the facility or activity and to provide the necessary coordination in all works to be carried out,

• To identify the sustainability goals of the company and to ensure that the sustainability performance is measured,

• To ensure that sustainability principles are integrated into company activities and employee roles and responsibilities,

• To carry out projects and activities such as contracts, certificates, licenses, audits aimed at strengthening corporate sustainability, or to provide information and data and support to related projects and activities carried out by other units,

• To attend the training, written sources, general seminars and meetings required for professional development, to participate in programs to be held on these issues, and to take action for the personal development of subordinates.

• To share the activity information of the department with the relevant departments and a senior manager regularly,

• To fulfill the duties and responsibilities in accordance with the activities and documentation rules of the company in all quality management processes,

• To contribute to the Integrated Management System studies and participate in improvement studies,

• To ensure the confidentiality of all information of the position and the unit within the scope of the protection of personal data and to take or cause to be taken all measures related to this,

• To provide/ensure that the information and documents requested during an audit of the company carried out in certain periods,

• To abide by the company's work discipline and the written or verbal instructions of the supervisors,

• To be attentive to work in compliance with the terms of the Management Systems documents in the company while performing the duties,

• To abide by the Occupational Health and Safety rules specified in the operational instructions, to use and ensure the use of necessary personal protective equipment,

• To know in which emergency team s/he is in, his/her duties and emergency assembly areas.

 • To fulfill other duties assigned by the manager,

• To use the company car, when necessary,

• To attend the meetings of the Information Security Management Committee and to take and implement the necessary measures within the scope of information security.


• To ensure that the activities within the scope of the OHS and Environment Directorate are carried out appropriately.

• To have signatory power related to the position,

• To represent the company in respective issues,

• To follow significant changes in domestic and international regulations regarding the sustainability,

• Guiding and coordinating sustainability leaders and public relations officials, analyzing reports from the field, providing regular information to the Sustainability, Environment and OHS Committee,

• To ensure the management and administration of his/her personnel,

• To evaluate the performance of its subordinates,

• To ensure coordination with other departments,

• To provide the suitable environment for his/her personnel to work efficiently and to solve the problems that may arise.


• Management and coordination of the team,

• Carrying out the actions that emerge in line with the targets set on annually,

• The rate of occupational accidents and diseases,

• The results of internal and external audits.