Performance Management Procedure

The Performance Management System, which we carry out with a transparent approach to reward success and increase the satisfaction of our employees, covers the processes of objective and effective measurement and evaluation of the performance of employees in order to determine to what extent they contribute to the company's goals and how these goals are achieved.

We apply our performance evaluation system, which focuses on the competencies and business results of our employees, to all our employees once a year.

In the system, which consists of two main headings as "objectives" and "competence", ADM determines the company's goals, priorities and corporate competencies and shares them with all its employees through the performance management system. In line with these goals, each employee determines his/her individual goals that will affect this in his/her area of responsibility by knowing the goals that will make the company successful together with the unit manager.

It is essential that the targets are measurable. At the same time, professional development goals that will enable employees to perform their job better can be prioritized in the performance system.

Corporate competencies, on the other hand, are evaluated with the help of behavioral indicators and affect the final performance result. The aim is to convey what kind of attitude and behavior employees are expected to do as much as what they will do.

Interim evaluation, which increases the effectiveness of the Performance Management System, plays an important role in the whole process. This process is very important as providing effective feedback when setting, monitoring and evaluating goals affects the success of the system.

Performance evaluation results provide input to many areas, and the evaluations we make within the framework of these main headings are used in areas such as employee development planning, training needs analysis studies, reward studies, internal promotion/rotation decisions.