Sustainability Policy

As Turkey's leading energy company ADM Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş., we believe that we need to create value for our stakeholders and society in order to be successful in the long term; we adopt an approach that takes into account the requirements of global standards, the sustainability of natural resources, the environment and the needs of future generations.

With the awareness that natural resources are limited, while working to achieve better for today and for the future; We focus on contributing to sustainability issues and sustainability development goals and ensuring access to reliable and efficient energy for the future of our country and planet, responsible production and consumption, climate action, sustainable cities and communities, decent work and economic growth, industry, innovation and infrastructure, reducing inequalities, adapting to climate change, supporting it with zero waste. We have created a sustainability strategy by evaluating the environmental, social and economic impact areas of our company, the expectations of our stakeholders and our corporate strategy together. We continue to contribute to the sustainable growth of our country and to deliver reliable and efficient energy, and to prepare a better future for the environment, society and future generations.

ADM Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş. Adopting a management approach in which "reliable and efficient energy for a sustainable future" sustainability vision and corporate sustainability approach are integrated, our company accepts the fight against climate change, the economic and social development of societies and environmental sustainability as its main responsibility,

Regarded the followings as sustainability policy;

  • To make the corporate sustainability perspective a company culture and to raise awareness among both our employees and our stakeholders in this field,
  • In all our activities, our business goals should be determined by taking into account the three aspects of sustainability in economic, environmental and social dimensions,
  • To provide sustainable and quality electricity distribution service in our service region, to encourage technology/capacity building transfer, (training support, introduction of devices, creation of special infrastructure)
  • To cooperate and coordinate with national and local governments in order to support the purpose of sustainable cities and communities, to support the planning and management of cities,
  • To contribute to the reduction of inequalities with our activities, including ensuring access to reliable and efficient energy,
  • To take into consideration, measure and evaluate the effects of our activities and investments on environmental, social, natural and cultural heritage by adhering to our ethical rules,
  • To develop and implement applications that will provide improvement in the field of occupational health and safety in accordance with our priority focus area studies, to follow international performance criteria in this field and to publish them in our sustainability report every year,
  • As a company that distributes energy from renewable sources, to develop and implement applications that will improve the amount of energy we consume in order to continue our activities, to use the energy we consume more efficiently by constantly monitoring our energy consumption, to publish our energy consumption amount in our sustainability report every year,
  • Calculating, verifying, monitoring emission emissions arising from our activities in line with our efforts to prevent/reduce loss leakage, etc. in order to fight against climate change in accordance with our priority focus area studies and publishing them in our sustainability report every year,
  • To monitor our water consumption in accordance with our priority focus area studies, to report in our sustainability report every year, to ensure the efficient use of water and to raise awareness among both our employees and our stakeholders in this regard,
  • To inform our suppliers about our sustainability strategy and expectations by attaching importance to sustainability criteria in our supply chain and to contribute to reducing sustainability risks in our impact area by adding these criteria to supplier audit processes,
  • To use our resources efficiently by applying systems such as our reporting in international standards, budget management, efficiency monitoring with our effective corporate governance approach,
  • To pay attention to the social and economic development of the society and our local stakeholders, to local employment and to the products and services we buy being provided by local companies as much as possible,
  • To increase the loyalty and welfare of our employees in order to ensure sustainable efficiency, to work to make the working environment more efficient,
  • Under no circumstances allow for discrimination between our employees and provide equal rights to all our employees regarding salaries, performance evaluations, employment and so on;
  • To ensure equal opportunities for women in the business environment and to increase women's employment,
  • Accepting and valuing the religious, structural or cultural differences of all our stakeholders,
  • As we emphasize in the Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy, to comply with anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws and regulations, ethical and professional principles and universal rules,
  • To implement a responsible tax strategy,
  • To raise awareness among both our employees and our stakeholders about climate change, sustainability and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals,
  • To comply with the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact to which we are a party,
  • To announce this committed and implemented policy to all our employees,
  • To make it accessible to the public and third parties,
  • To follow up our policy by ensuring effective communication with our stakeholders

ADM Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş., which was a participant of the United Nations Global Compact in 2021, is committed to complying with the 10 Principles of the Global Compact.